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Proud to be Staffs Story: Louis Martin

Senior Lecturer, School of Law, Policing and Forensics


Louis is a well known feature of our Proud to be Staffs awards - a lecturer, who never fails to engage his students providing fantastic support and learning experiences. These stories are incredible and make us very proud. So thank you, Louis, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Louis Martin's Story

"My story begins at the very start, I have never had much guidance throughout my life or someone reliable, trustworthy, and willing to give up their free time to help me develop not only as a student but as a human being. When helping me to enter university I was at the selection stage and a late starter, Louis gave me the benefit of the doubt and enrolled me onto the course. I did not know at this point that this act of kindness would change my life forever. Louis goes above and beyond not only in the classroom but outside of this as well, I have been at my lowest point in life and Louis has been there, I have been at my highest point in life and again Louis was there, I cannot say this about anyone else at Staffordshire University. Louis gives the student a realistic idea of how the legal world works and how to not only survive but embrace the lifestyle needed to complete to a high standard but to be an elite, to be one of the best. I have problems at home and some are not even related to University, but Louis has given me council put me in communication with relevant public speakers and rehabilitation processes to allow me to decide my future, not the future I used to think I was destined for. Where words cannot explain what this gentleman has done for me from actions provided this gentleman is the heart of my experience at Staffordshire University and for the ability to live a life free from the burden of surviving in a deprived neighbourhood I will never, and I mean never be able to repay him for it. So, if you see this Louis, I'd like to thank you on here for everything you have done for me and that I know you have done for other students.


When I met Louis Martin, I was undoubtedly going through the most difficult period of my life. I was in a terrible predicament and I thought that I had no chance of future success. All doors appeared to be locked and I had no way of getting out. Everything changed when I met Louis. He took the time to listen to me and explained that studying Criminal Justice with Offender Management would be the perfect course for me, allowing me to use my life experience as a positive. He went above and beyond what could be reasonably be expected of a lecturer to make sure that I had the chance to show the world what I had to offer. I started my studies in September 2020 and since then, Louis has been the most incredible mentor a student could ever ask for and I honestly can't imagine where I would be without his help. I can see a bright future ahead of me now, something I thought was unachievable. I just needed someone to notice me and unlock the potential I had. All the locked doors I saw before are open wide now. Louis Martin is an asset to Staffs. The support that he has given has turned my life around and I will be forever grateful. This nomination is the best way I could think of thanking him for his time and patience with me, though I feel these words do not do justice to the man who has truly changed my future.


When I started uni I was quiet, shy, and never thought I'd get to the end, yet here I am 3 years later having just handed in my final assignments. It wouldn't be the case had I not had the support from Louis he really is amazing! He's pushed me to be the best I can, and after landing a job in the criminal justice sector, supported me with my studies so I could still finish my degree whilst working. He's one of the kindest people I know and if it wasn't for Louis, I wouldn't be the strong confident woman I am today, he has changed me for the better and I am truly grateful for that. I didn’t know what to expect from university, but I was put right at ease from day one because of this gent, he's been a wonderful role model, fantastic teacher and a rock for many students who struggled with the reality of studying during a pandemic. I owe a lot to Louis and no words will ever explain how much I value and respect him.


I'm a mature student on criminal justice and Offender management. I am 48 years old and have been out of education for a very long time, I'm really enjoying my course and yes sometimes I really struggle but with the help and support from Louis and his team I always find a way through the difficult times.


I want to nominate Louis for providing me the 'Best Student Support' possible over the last eight months. I have an LSS, and I have been very anxious over the lockdown. Louis has supported me through a very difficult time. He made sure I got all the help I needed and worked with me on my LSS. Louis set up weekly sessions to go over my materials and teach me skills such as essay writing, vocabulary and referencing. He has helped me through the lockdown when I had some problems with my children not being able to go into school because of COVID. This made my study very flexible and reduced my anxiety levels. I had an enjoyable level four on the Criminal Justice with Offender Management course.


Louis Martin is a credit to the University and to his students and colleagues. From personal experience, Louis has gone to endless measures to support myself when I have faced personal issues. I had issues with my student funding and Louis made it his priority to sort to ensure I remained on the course. As a lecturer, Louis is extremely knowledgeable and goes out of his way to ensure all his students are given all his knowledge and expertise to ensure we are fully equipped when facing assignments and exams. Louis is extremely approachable and has the time for anyone who is wanting to learn.


I left school with no qualifications as I found learning difficult. At the age of 34 I decided I wanted to go to university but new I would struggle but I need the degree to pursue the career I want to go into. When I first started my course, I struggled massively and was even contemplating giving up, I just could not seem to understand things and found it very confusing. But Louis would not let me give up and went above and beyond to go over and over things until I understood what I was meant to be doing, he spent extra time learning and supporting me as well as other students on my course. When compared to other module teachers I have on my course you realize just how valuable his support is as not everyone will go out of there way and give their time the way he does. I wanted to nominate him to say thank you and to show how much I appreciate his support as I feel I would not be where I am today without his support.


My story began when I decided at the age of 34 years old to attend university. This was one of the biggest decisions I had ever made, having no kids and a job that I would have to work all hours to just about make enough money, with no passion or meaning involved, I wanted something more. I called the university for some information as I had no idea what I was doing. The university very kindly provided me with some information and Louis's contact details, after a prompt response, I spoke to Louis on the phone. He provided me with a brief overview of the course (Criminal Justice with Offender Management) which I was enquiring about. After my conversation with Louis, I had the confidence in myself to go forward and enrol at the university; which is honestly the best decision I have ever made, so I quit my job and adapted my life to suit my new university life. Since then I have taken Louis' advice and engaged with my lectures, attended workshops, kept my focus on my university goals, maintaining constant communication with my course leader Louis, who has throughout been a constant support, whether it’s a weekday or a weekend he has been there and has pushed me to do better than I could have imagined. Louis goes above and beyond for other students and I. Louis Martin is a lecturer through and through he supports, encourages, and prepares you for the industry with his knowledge, skills, and experience. I believe that Louis is an asset to Staffordshire university and the industry that he prepares students for, as he is unique in his teaching. Louis has immense knowledge and skills that I am very fortunate to be able to learn from. Louis gives 100% honesty, loyalty, knowledge, skill, experience which leads to good grades and a great experience at Staffordshire University this not only the reason why I am being taught and doing well at Staffordshire university but also the reason why I recommend Staffordshire university to all the people and organisations I come across and work for. The dedication Louis demonstrates is truly something I will never forget. Thanks to Louis I have had the most amazing experience at university, I have achieved so much already, so much that it has elevated me as a person, given me confidence, knowledge, and academic skills I never thought I would ever be good enough for. I will forever be grateful for Louis's support and teachings. I am going into my last year, excited to learn even more from him. I hope to apply for a master's after completing my course and staying at Staffordshire University. "

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