Mark Hatton, Technical Specialist

For providing the best quality support and technical guidance for our students


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Mark Hatton

Technical Specialist | Technical Services


"I would like to nominate Mark, well what can i say he is a saint in technical knowledge. Apart from knowing so much much when it comes to understanding technical design he has the patience of a saint too. Anytime myself or anyone from the Surface pattern have any problems of understanding hes there trying to help at a drop of a hat. His calm and happy manner and making any task easy to understand has helped all of us achieve the best results. Mark always wants to understand our process in surface pattern and then helps translate it in a digital way. Just when you feel you cannot go on in the digital designs he has given us the confidence to keep going. Mark is always trying to make learning easier to understand and nothing is ever to much trouble which makes us confident to go out into industry feeling proud of what we have achieved. Thank you so much Mark from all of us in Surface Pattern for caring and being a fantastic cheer leader to everyone of us. "


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