Nat Campbell , Student Volunteer

We're proud of Nat for her tireless support for our Mature Student community


This is a Proud to be Staffs Story

Here at Staffordshire University Students' Union, our vision is that every student will be Proud to be Staffs. Our stories are examples of the wonderful people and groups in our community and how they make us proud. 

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Proud to be Staffs Story: Nat Campbell

Student, BA (Hons) Sociology


Building and supporting our community here at Staffordshire University is no small task, but Nat Campbell has gone consistently above and beyond by simply being a reliable friend and colleague. Thank you Nat, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Nat Campbell 's Story

"I've known Nat since arriving at Staffs in April 2017, and she was introduced to my peers and I, when we were completing the Step Up to Higher Education course. Nat made every single person in the room feel at ease as she entered and talked us through the process, her boisterous attitude and Cheshire cat grin made me never forget her face. As the weeks turned into months and then years, 2 years to be precise, I got to learn a lot about Nat, one thing for certain was that "she did not sugar coat anything.... And I mean ANYTHING!' I learnt that, Nat, is reliable, what Nat say's she will do, without a doubt or splitting a hair. Nat is approachable, anybody, can walk up to Nat and start holding a conversation with her and she'll always be keen to help others in the process. Also, Nat is honest, a fabulous listener and never judges anyone. It does not matter how busy or how big the challenge is she will devote all her energies into what ever the action plan is. No job is to big or to small for Nat. Also, Nat will ensure she pulls people up with her, if they are struggling in any shape or form. I believe Nat deserves to win an award because not only is her heart in the right place, but she holds everybody else's heart with care. I am so Proud to be Staffs because Nat has helped me to grow as an individual (when I didn't believe in myself, when I started my journey). Likewise, I am Proud to be Staffs because we all have choice on our journey and my choice is 'I choose Nat to receive a Proud to be Staffs Award'. "