Natalie Robinson, ResLife Officer

We're proud of Natalie for being an amazing student support!


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Natalie Robinson

ResLife Officer, Student and Academic Services


Taking on University level studies is a difficult and life-changing thing to do. Doing so overseas, living in shared accomodation can be daunting and sometimes feel impossible! Sometimes it just takes someone to help to guide us and support us to keep us on track and Natalie has clearly done that for our nominator. Thank you Natalie, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Natalie Robinson's Story

"Since moving from Canada to the UK in September of 2018, I met Natalie the day I landed to receive my keys to my new flat. Natalie was very nice and informative of all the rules and procedures of residence and that she would always be there for support. My first year on campus had went amazing and I knew I was in the right hands with all of Reslife especially Natalie looking after me. In my final year, it got a bit bumpy as I had moved flat twice, once due to the university and second due to too much noise. I had gone to Natalie regarding this issue and rest assured she helped me out and moved me into the BRAND NEW beautiful flat on top of Coalport! Also, upon living with my new flat mates issues in the flat amongst them as cleaning was an issue. I had gone to Natalie regarding my concern with other flat mates not cleaning and once again.. Natalie helped by implementing a cleaning Rota. Finally, as we were all faced with the pandemic of COVID-19, my life in the UK recently got cut a bit short as I had to flee to Canada for my health and safety.. once again Natalie was there to help in this process. To someone reading this it may not seem like these gestures and work that she has done is a lot but to myself who was living in a foreign. Pun try not knowing anyone I can honestly say Natalie had made me feel at home and well protected will all of her advice and helping me throughout my two years on campus. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me. And if anyone in the university should be recognized for their commitment to the school it should definitely without a doubt be the person who cares so much about her job and the wellbeing of students, Natalie. Best, Stefano"

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