Scott William-Smith, Elected Officer

We're proud of Scott for their tireless contributions to our community


This is a Proud to be Staffs Story

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Proud to be Staffs Story: Scott William-Smith

Elected Officer, Students' Union


Each year your Students' Union employs four full-time officers, that you - as a student body - elect. Working tirelessly behind the scenes and given the responsibility of leading your Students' Union charity, these individuals work to make your experience at Staffs even better. Scott has been an incredible member of our Union Team. They've worked hard to introduce new projects and activities, and truly represent everything that is Proud to be Staffs. Thank you Scott, for making us Proud.


Scott William-Smith's Story

"He has made an incredible contribution to both the community and atmosphere of staffs. Ever since I first came to staffs in 2018, he has been in all the chats answering and directing every question appropriately and reassuring any and all new people (in 2019 as well, as I was in some of those chats too, being on campus again with loads of new people). He always lifts peoples spirits and helps people feel welcome at staffs, he’s helped moderate any conflicts and always is there to ease peoples worries and get across the staffs point of view and the unions point of view to so, so many people in chats. As well as being a face for events and help. He has done so much to help communicate, and fought hard for the voice of students to be heard and differences to be made on SO many issues!! He deserves true recognition for all his hard work over the last years. He is proud to be staffs and makes others feel proud too. "

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