Staffordshire Scarlettes Cheerleading team , Student-Led Group

For supporting each other through difficult times


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Staffordshire Scarlettes Cheerleading team

Student-Led Group


Being part of a Student-Led Group is about being part of a community. Our Cheerleading Club pulled together to support their leaders through a difficult time of loss and change, showing just what it takes to support each other and help each other come to terms with grief. Thank you to all of the Cheerleading Club members for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Staffordshire Scarlettes Cheerleading team 's Story

"Last semester I lost my best friend very suddenly. The passing of him turned everything upside down, trying to manage my course, jobs and the cheerleading team was a lot of pressure when we didn't feel like even getting out of bed. Every single one of the cheerleading team messaged us, made sure we were okay, did a food shop to send to our house, called round and got us everything we needed as we were in no fit state to do anything. Members of the team volunteered to take the pressure off, help with the work load, take over the warm ups, and for that I am forever grateful. It reminded me of what being in a team is all about and without the support of them and going back to cheer I do not think that we would have coped as well as we have done. Coaching this team and being part of this team makes me so proud because it shows the attitudes that we cultivate and it reflects in our members. They are the most supportive people inside and outside of cheer and for that it makes me proud to be staffs. Proud that I coach this team and with everything we put into them they gave us back during the worst time of our lives. "

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