Students' Union Marketing Team

We're proud of our Marketing Team for being essential supports during the Coronavirus Outbreak.


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Students' Union Marketing Team

Union Staff Team


Our marketing team work tirelessly in the background and are involved in every single project, event and activitiy we deliver as a Charity. When the Coronarvirus Pandemic began to affect our community, our Marketing Team stepped up to create online, virtual spaces for our students to continue engaging with us and with each other. They've led activities and events, providing extra support across all areas of our work. Also, many won't recognise that months of work became redudant as key events and activities were withdrawn to protect our community. Thank you to all in the Marketing Team for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Students' Union Marketing Team's Story

"The Marketing Team not only work hard on a daily basis, but have gone above and beyond managing the Students' Union message and support to all students throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. Their role in making sure students have accurate and reliable information at all times can be so easily overlooked, but without a marketing team (especially one as hard working as this one) we'd be no where. Where students have been left lost, without guidance or support be it academically or just socially with welfare or things to get involved in, the marketing team have made sure they provide answers across the board. Alongside this, they have had to continue their day-to-day role and compile information for events and activities such as Get Ahead, Proud to Be Staffs, for Give it A Go, to name a few, as well as preparing for Welcome and thinking about how they can continue to provide an excellent service to students. They've handled the pressure with smiles on their faces and made it look easy! They've tackled every demand that has come their way (whether in good time or slightly time constricted) and done an amazing job in making sure students know what to do and where to go for all types of information. Thank you so much for doing this for the Union and for our students! "

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