The LGBT+ Network Committee , Student Volunteers

For being wonderful, friendly and supportive of Mental Health


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Proud to be Staffs Story: The LGBT+ Network Committee

Student Volunteers


Occasionally, we all struggle with negative mental health - life events, world news or even just a poor nights sleep can lead us to feeling depressed and anxious. Sometimes, reaching out and being kind, friendly and patient can be all the support somebody needs to engage with the world around them, taking the first step out of adverse mental health. The LGBT+ Network did just this with our nominee, and by doing so, they make us Proud to be Staffs.


The LGBT+ Network Committee 's Story

"Throughout the past year, anytime I've been through something rough, I've known the whole LGBT+ Network was just a message away to cheer me up. One particular time I ended up not leaving my home for over 24 hours, until I got a message from Len convincing me to attend the LGBT+ 101 meeting that night to get me out and surround me with positive people. I was really worried initially, because I hadn't been to many network meetings for ages, and I was already half hour late for this one. But when I arrived, the committee (along with other amazing Network members) looked after me and made me smile so easily. It sounds small, but getting me out of my flat, surrounding me with happy people and making sure I was eating and looking after myself is something I will never be able to thank those Network members enough for. Having such pro-active and caring students here makes me feel so safe and SO ProudToBeStaffs"

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