The Social Work Society, Student-Led Group

We're proud of the Social Work Scoiety for being an incredible new start-up this year

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Proud to be Staffs Story: The Social Work Society

Student-Led Group


Our Social Work Society have been fantastic this year, starting from scratch to deliver a whole new range of activities and opportunities for their members. Working closely with their School, they've truly shown us how good an Academic Society can be. Thank you Social Work Society, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


The Social Work Society's Story

"As a staff team we put out to our students that a Social Work society is something we would be supportive of if they wanted to develop it, several members of our level 4 cohort came forward & have really taken this forward. The students quickly realised that often social work don't endure, and in considering the reasons for this identified that whilst other societies are often chaired & managed by final year students, this will not work for a Social Work Society, due to the demanding nature of full time placements in the second and third years, and so they made the decision that their society should operate differently - with the first year students taking the lead in co-coordinating and running events, and the later years benefiting from the social and well being activities contributing with their knowledge and experience but with no expectation of them taking on any responsibility. In a very short space of time the committee was formed & the Society approved by the Union. Since then they have worked really hard to build a support network for our students. They have undertaken a range of activities focused on student well being and made a positive contribution to life on campus, you will have seen the positive affirmation cards doted around campus which they made. Within a week of launching they had coordinated & collected a huge food donation to the local food bank. The society have networked via social media & are forming a community of social work students and societies across the UK, and have been having discussions about a range of possible activities they could undertake together - building a wider sense of community among social workers. Their tweets have been recognised & engaged with by a number of high profile Social Work academics & professionals including the Acting Chief Social Worker for adults in England. During the lockdown they have maintained contact with the student group, contributing to our weekly newsletter & organising a virtual quiz night! We really appreciated everything they have done for the course, University and wider community!"

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