Tim Bailey, Civic Fellow

For going above and beyond to support our students


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Tim Bailey

Civic Fellow


Tim, one of our University's Civic Fellows, has blown our students away with their passion, enthusiasm and commitment. It's without doubt that it's through efforts and teaching like these that we make learning come to life here at Staffs. Thank you Tim, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Tim Bailey's Story

"I think Tim Bailey deserves this because he is available regardless of his busy schedule, coming to university as a shy individual Tim has brought me out my comfort zone and passed on so much knowledge that I need to continue with my degree. A very nice polite and helpful man could not have wished for a better role model.


Tim Bailey has covered night shifts and still sat in front of a screen for hours and attending University for hours just to help, support and assist students. This man makes Staffordshire University a whole different place and shows to students that there is way more help there than students think. Tim has been working but at the same time he has delivered extra sessions at University to help students before their exams. Tim answers questions to effectively and efficiently and regardless of what day or time it is Tim is always there to help. We highly appreciate his presence at Staffordshire University and as students’ feedback and I feel we all are very lucky to have him on the course.


Tim gave up one of his rest days every week so he could deliver sessions for us. His contribution to the module is superb and he made the module what it is today.


Tim Bailey has been coming in every week even when he’s just had night shifts & assisting Louis Martin & teaching us & helping us. As he works within a prison, he has first first-hand experience which has really helped me understand prison life. He has been very patient with us all, he’s very helpful and he is also very kind. My role play assignment yesterday he made sure I knew what I was doing and gave me feedback after and made me feel like I’d done a good job. It is very clear that he cares for students, I think this is very important as not everyone can be like him. It amazes me how he juggles his actual work life which is very time consuming and still made time to come and help us! I am very grateful to have met him and been taught by him & me wish him all the best in the future. I hope other students also get to be taught by him


Tim has been a star by creating all packages for every workshop, arranging guest lectures with HMPPS staff and ex-service users to come in and speak to us on campus. He even created all the scenarios and forms for our roleplay assessment in which he participated in. He has attended our lectures the next day (online) even when he has been on nights all weeks! We couldn't have asked for a better perspective and person to help deliver this module. And for that, we all on the CJWOM course believe Tim Bailey should be awarded for his efforts and We are Proud to have him at Staffs!


Tim works as a prison officer and gives up one of his rest days every week so he could deliver sessions on Offender Management for us. He was on nights during the role play assessments we had for this module and created all the packages and designed the role plays. His contribution to the module is superlative and he made the module what it is today. Despite having to use Teams all semester he still delivered a very interesting and informative module.


Tim taught us our university course and delivered us many amazing and informative lectures, often straight after he had finished a night shift working at HMP Drake hall, he even came straight after a nightshift to come and support us for our final assessment. He taught us so much knowledge, that a textbook or lecture that couldn't possibly deliver. I've found my first year at university hard, given that it has been 99% online, lectures are sometimes hard to engage and concentrate on however Tim’s lectures and workshops were always extremely interesting and informative, I also know that I can message Tim no matter what the hour with a question or concern and he will get back to me as soon as he can. I am confident that without Tim’s dedication and support throughout the year, I would not have done anywhere near as well."

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