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Marketing Team Members for using their discipline expertise to make our Union look great


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Union Marketing Team Members

Students' Union Staff Team


Here at your Students' Union, we're proud to harness the creativity of our specialist content creators; students from a varity of different academic disciplines that use their skills to make our Union messages appealling and attractive. Thank you to all of our Marketing Team Members for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Union Marketing Team Members's Story

"I am always ASTONISHED at the quality of work our Union Team Members produce and so quickly. Just to give you an idea of how boss they all are... In a normal business, content creators (this includes graphic design, video, social media) with probably a lot of already established industry experience would have some lead in time to be able to plan and bounce ideas off a team before working on their content... in the SU our incredible students create several of the most quality pieces of work, usually for very different projects with different tones - example being club night promotions and mental health campaign work - in just one shift! They just get given a brief and get on with it and go. For the amount and quality of work they churn out regularly they would be paid big bucks in the commercial industry. The other thing I want to prompt people to think about is that these are students that are still learning their craft and are often given a whole semester to think about their projects and to be able to justify what they've done and they do all of that work for various projects in the space of maybe 8 hours a week! They're a fantastic bunch that are multi-skilled and are up for anything from going out and talking to people to occasionally swapping roles to either expand their skillset or what is most often the case, helping cover last minute content requests we've had that we don't have the specified person in for that day. I can't stress how amazing it is to work with all of these students, and during lockdown, how well they've adapted to working remotely or even, again, changing roles to help meet the needs of students! They work so hard, they often remind me why I do what I do and make me #ProudToBeStaffs pretty much every day,"

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