Lesley Hayes, Lecturer HSC

For supporting others with their mental health


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Lesley Hayes

Lecturer, School of Health and Social Care


We all have mental health, just like we all have physical health. Occasionally, life events can lead us to have negative mental health, where we need the help and support of our friends and colleagues more than ever. Lesley, by being thoughtful, supportive and kind, helped our nominator to recover from a period of poor mental health, returning fully to their studies. Thank you Lesley, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Lesley Hayes's Story

"l am a student based at the Blackheath Lane Centre of Excellence. At the start of my Adult Nursing course in 2019 I lost my dad in Africa Zimbabwe. Upon receiving the sad news l notified Lesley by email. She was quick to reply with kind reassuring massage prompting me to go to his funeral and that she was going to relay the massage to her fellow staff members. l took 2 weeks off and on coming back I isolated myself as l was still grieving. Lesley took time out of her day to approach me and professionally asked me how l was feeling. l put on a brave face and said l was fine but deep down l was hurt and was already contemplating dropping off the course. However, Lesley took a step further and told me that if l found it difficult there was counselling services which l could attend to or alternatively l could take a year off my studies so l could grieve properly and come back more focused. I decided to go for counselling, as the time progressed she would check on me to see how l was coping. with the assignments and life in general. Her brief intervention and advice was so well timed that it helped me make a decision that gave me the strength to continue with my studies."

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