Richard Hill, Student (Computer Games Design)

We're proud of Richard for their hard work and dedication to building an online Games Design community to support their peers.


This is a Proud to be Staffs Story

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Proud to be Staffs Story: Richard Hill

Student, Bsc (Hons) Computer Games Design


Being a sucessful student is meant to challenge you and balancing study with work and home can be more so. Despite this Richard went above and beyond during his studies, establishing an online community for the Computer Games Design course, supporting his peers alongside his studies. Thank you, Richard, for making us Proud to be Staffs. 


Richard's Story

Rich's story is best expressed through the words of one of his peers, a new Distance Learning student at the time who sent us this:

"I am a distance learning student the year below rich. I have zero background in the course content and am new to university study. 

Over the course of the year, he has fielded my questions helped me understand beyond the lecture and added value at every opportunity through his curation of a discussion forum and useful links he posts on there. In order to improve everyone skills at all levels, he has instated a weekly challenge. These challenges encourage students of all skill levels to create assets around a central theme that are then displayed to the group for appreciation and feedback. Through taking time out from projects set by the university it gives students a chance to practice their skills in the confines of a different brief.

His efforts have helped to create an open and judgement free environment in which to ask questions that we may not be able to burden tutors with. As a distance student specifically he has helped put me in contact with the right people and has had an immeasurable effect on my success so far on the course and I am sure others share my opinion.

Although he is not an on-site student, he deserve full recognition for his work in improving the prospects of all students both on and off site and I believe he represents values that any learning establishment should hope to emulate."

In 2018, we were Proud to award Richard with our Distance Learning Excellence Award, an award traditionally reserved for Staff, in recognition of their hard work.