Squeezebox, On Campus Service

We're proud of Squeezebox for looking after the environment whilst looking after their customers!

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Proud to be Staffs Story: Squeezebox

On Campus Service


Our on campus Juice Bar and Coffee Shop is well known for it's great drinks and friendly service, but did you know about it's greener side? Through hard work and diligent planning, our Squeezebox venue is our most eco-friendly on campus! Thank you, Squeezebox, for making us Proud to be Staffs. 


The Squeezebox Story

Following a refurbishment over the Summer of 2018, the Squeezebox Team pushed themselves to do more. Led by Keith Quiton, our Venue Manager, the team targetted all wasteful and harmful impacts on the environment; replacing plastic straws with bio-degradable alternatives, offering great offers to encourage recycling of cups and containers, encouraging more customers to use their own mugs for a generous discount on their daily drink. Ultimately, the Squeezebox Team took their passion for great drinks and food to the next level, meaning that we can enjoy our drinks in the knowledge that our impact on the environment is a small as it can be.