Sue Skinner, Technical Specialist

We're proud of Sue for providing excellent services and the support as part of our Community.


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Sue Skinner

Technical Specialist, Technical Services


Our University wouldn't exist without hard working members of our team working behind the scenes to ensure that our work goes without a hitch! Sue is one of those individuals, working tirelessly, to make our Students proud. Thank you Sue, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Sue Skinner's Story

"I’d like to nominate the wonderful Sue Skinner who is the fabulous technician who is so very helpful to use in the Surface Pattern and Design department. She is incredibly knowledgeable even helping the lecturers where the print room is concerned. Nothing is too much trouble, she never grumbles and is always at your side to advise or help you when you need it. She is the anchor to the surface pattern team and also welcomes students from other courses who feel they might benefit from using the print room. Coming back to the course after 13 years to finish my 3rd year having had to leave due to ill health. Sue was able to remember me personally and made me feel so welcome again. She is so incredibly knowledgable so much so that in the print room even the lecturers ask her for help and ideas. She is and has always been the anchor for the surface pattern course, a big reason behind our course reaching 2nd in the league table. She is incredibly calm in fact I’d go so far as to say unflappable! She is incredibly organised and has the patience of a saint. Most people wouldn’t be able to tolerate their name being called every second but Sue does and even manages to respond with a smile. She has quietly encouraged me to get back into the print room and start to experiment again. She is priceless and as everyone on our course would tell you she is our unsung hero! "