Are you Scam-Savvy?

How you can become Scam-Savvy!

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Now a days scams are becoming more and more sophisticated, long gone are the days of praying on the elderly to gain access to a bank account.

Criminals have spent yours honing their craft to create elaborate and cunning scams, impersonating about anyone you can think of.

It is important to stop and take five to protect yourself and your money!

There are a few things that should set off warning alarms in your head when online and receiving any form of communication. These could be things such as, is the deal too good to be true? Receiving an email about a parcel you didn’t order, or you’ve received a bank statement over text when you receive them by email normally? Etc.

The reason scams are becoming more and more clever are due to the personal information that some of them may contain. It is sometimes hard to argue with the initial idea of “this must be legit because they know things about me,” however gaining this information has also become much easier, making it harder to differentiate what is and isn’t a scam.

Take five to stop fraud have a fantastic website that helps to demonstrate some of the more complex scams and how to counter them, they even have self-tests you can do to see if you could get caught out by a scam!

The main message of the campaign is to stop, challenge and protect; Take a moment to stop and think before clicking that link, or giving away your information, think about whether it could be fake and reject the request, and the most important part if you think you’ve fallen for a scam its important to contact relevant parties such as your bank and report it to Action Fraud.

There are so many different scams out there today and its more important than ever that you are safe and protecting your finances and personal information.

Take Five to Stop Fraud offers advice on various scams and resources anyone can use to better themselves in the fight against fraud!

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