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Union changes card policy

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Following feedback from the Annual Student Forum, the Students' Union will allow purchases over £1 with no fee when a cash point is down. 
With no definite date for the cash machine being fixed in Stafford, the Union's Executive team have approved implementing this immediately.
Therefore until the cash machine is fixed at Beaconside we will drop the transaction charges to £1 minimum spend to use cards. The minimum spend to cashback, currently £5, will remain. 
As soon as the cash machine is fixed we will return to charging 40p for card transactions below £5. 
In future, whenever the cash machine is found to be broken, the Union will respond as quickly as possible and change its policy to the above so students can spend smaller amounts on their card where necessary.  
Students' Union President Gary Richardson said: "We are trying our utmost to get this issue fixed, but we understand that in the meantime we have to foot the bill if it means students get a better experience. Hopefully the Union responding and changing its card purchase policy when the cash machine is down will go some way to easing the inconvenience experienced."


Charlotte Hodgson
11:33am on 12 Nov 12 The cashpoint spends about half its time broke, so for anyone who's interested the nearest cashpoint is next door at the police station in the reception building. Its free to use but only does £10 notes.
Michael Upjohn
10:48am on 12 Nov 12 Thank goodness! I used to do the meal deal from the union shop more than one per week because the Lloyds TSB cashpoint gave out £5 notes. That stopped when the cashpoint broke and also so did going over to the Union bar for MukkyDuck or burgers/drinks. But still, the next nearest FREE cashpoint is still the co-op on Weston Road??? Appalling!
Mark Haynes
9:59am on 12 Nov 12 What I don't understand why is there a minimum fee at all for those who use debit cards? I thought there was no charge to retailers for debit cards?
Paul Brockhurst
9:28am on 12 Nov 12 Wow! It's only taken 6 weeks to make a decision! What about all of those poor students that have had to pay an extra 30% - 40% every time they wanted a hot drink from the coffee shop.
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