How do I claim volunteer expenses?

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For volunteers in roles with Community Organisations:

You should first refer to your volunteering organisation’s policy on volunteer expenses; you’ll likely find that you’ll be able to claim back your costs from your organisation directly. If you’re unsure, speak with your contact or manager at the organisation.


For Volunteers in roles with small Community Organisations/Groups:

Some smaller community groups and organisations simply have no budget to support volunteers. For instance, roles with local religious groups, school parent/teacher associations or community watch groups will often have no budget available at all.

In these instances, your Students’ Union might be able to contribute to your travel costs. For more information, please contact the Employability and HR Team.


For volunteers in roles with the Students’ Union:

If you volunteer in one of our own volunteering roles then we’ll be able to cover your travel expenses in most circumstances. For example, if you make a special journey to volunteer on campus (on a day where you would normally have no lectures) we’ll cover your travel costs.

The only exemptions to this are volunteers in Committee or Academic Representative Roles on campus; sadly, we are not able to reimburse your travel. However, we are able to support your travel off-campus if you do any work in the community or if you attend any meetings offsite as a student representative.

Volunteers in Students’ Union roles should follow the below steps to claim back their travel expenses:

  1. Before you travel, check-in with a member of the Students’ Union Employability or HR Team to ensure that your travel arrangements fit in with our policy (we don’t want you to be out of pocket!);
  2. Retain train or bus tickets, taxi or Uber receipts if travelling by Public Transport;
  3. After travel, pop in to see us at the Students’ Union and complete an Expenses Claim Form. Our friendly Student Engagement Team will be happy to help you to complete the form and to calculate your mileage if you travelled by car.
  4. Collect your expenses from our Finance Office. Simple!

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