How does the SU support Work-Placement and Volunteering Modules?

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How does the SU support Work-Placement and Volunteering Modules?

Live Lab Experiences

Our live lab experiences are perfect opportunities for Students to gain real-world experiences by volunteering as part of a £4 million charity.

Live Labs are open to all current Staffordshire University Students and many of our briefs can be worked on away from the University Campuses.

Should a student participate in a Live Lab opportunity we are happy to reference that work and also to redevelop project briefs to meet the needs of individual placements.

Volunteering Database

Through a partnership with the Do-It Trust, we are able to connect Students with the National Do-It volunteering Database. This database holds the details of thousands of volunteering opportunities, many of which will be suited to the needs of placement Students.

We are not able to garauntee a suitable volunteering experience for every student and it remains the responsibility of our students to build their individual relationship with a charity or community organisation.

Reward and Recognition

Just because our Students are taking part in activities to fulfil the requirements of their course does not mean that they should be rewarded for the hard work they do.

The Students' Union Volunteering Scheme recognises all types of volunteering, including volunteering during a placement, and will offer rewards and recognition opportunities to all volunteers registered with us.

Information Workshops

We can also support Placement Students by contributing to lectures and workshops. We currently offer a 30 minute workshop on our services and experiences, which you can book by visiting the link below.

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