Disabled Student Engagement SAP - March 12

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Today I've restarted my SAP with the Student Enabling Centre.  As I've already finished all the data collection on the project, I'm now wading through my 17 pages of qualitative data and trying to make some sense of it all!  I'd coded all my data back in January, so today I've reorgansied it under different sub-headings.  From here, I'll be looking at each section in turn to write up the final report.

The questionnaire from the SEC is still open, so if any disabled students haven't filled this in yet, please do so!!!  Hopefully a reminder email with a link to the questionnaire in will come out this week just in case you've lost the last one :-p  The idea is to combine the online questionnaire responses, with the information collected by phone by me and some of the advisors in the SEC, as this will give a good sized sample.

I'll be blogging over the next 3 weeks, as with it being a non-teaching week in AMD and then two weeks easter holidays, I'm using my lecture time to work on my SAP.  As my deadlines for my dissertation and essays are rapidly approaching, I've got to prioritise those, so should be back after that from the 15th May to finish the project off before the end of the month.  While the project's taken much longer than I originally had thought it would, I'm really excited to see all this research come together and to be able to feed back the results to the SEC so they can better support disabled students.  I know the human support they provide has made a huge difference to my university experience and my degree results, and if this project can help break down some of the barriers that make it difficult to access this support, then it will have made a huge difference.


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