Latest update on the disabled student engagement SAP

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I'm working on my SAP from not so sunny Weymouth this week as I've been to visit my grandparents.  It's been really good to be able to keep going with writing the report up this week, despite being on holiday otherwise I might have lost the thread of it.....again!


The report's coming on pretty well now.  I've written up the methodology and results for both the questionnaires and the telephone interviews - this has taken me a bit longer than I hoped as I had to rewrite the results section for the interviews as it was 14 pages long, and even I'd lost the will to live at the thought of proofreading I figured I can't expect anyone else to do so.  It's now down to about 9 pages, which is much more manageable, and I just need to shorten the summary section and that will be done.


My plan is to finish my SAP in the next 2-3 weeks (wish me luck!!!).  I still need to write up the introduction section, which gives an overview of disabled student support at Staffs Uni, and then write a summary of the main findings from both the interviews and questionnaire.  I'll then bring these together to write the conclusion, and use these main findings to go on to make some reccommendations on how to improve disabled student engagement with human support.  I've got some ideas for these already of things that have jumped out at me as I've been writing the report up......but I'll have to think about these properly once I've written the conclusion which I hope will highlight the main barriers disabled students face to engaging with human support.


I'll be back working in the SEC next week so will put up another blog then!


Alison Vaughan
1:10pm on 17 Aug 12 I'm looking forward to reading the final report and then maybe seeing some action towards the findings ;-)
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