Phoning students isn't that scary after all!

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It's been a busy two weeks since my last blog!  I've spent a lot of time contacting students, and recieved some really good feedback........and after my inital worries about phoning students without notice, everyone I've spoken to has been really lovely and helpful, so thank you to everyone who I've spoken to so far.

My contact database also seems to be growing by the day!  I now have over 100 students to contact, which is really exciting as it'll give me the best chance of understanding what the issues are that disabled students face in accessing their support, and make recommendations to the Student Enabling Centre that will improve the service even more. 

Today, I've started the process of data analysis on the feedback I've recieved so far.  This will involve looking for common themes within students' responses, which will highlight the barriers that some disabled students face whilst trying to engage with their support.  Needless to say, I'll be off to the library tomorrow to read up on qualitative data analysis (I'll be the student hidden under a pile of research methods textbooks!)

Next week I plan to continue trying to contact the students I haven't been able to speak to yet, as well as continuing with data analysis.  The themes that come out of this will form the basis of the online questionnaire I'll be writing in the next month, which I'm hoping will produce some statistics to compliment the detailed feedback I'm getting from students by phone.


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