Update on Disabled Student Engagement SAP

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The Disabled Student Engagement SAP is progressing nicely now.  I'm still working on analysing the data from the telephone interviews I did before Christmas, and have got three out of the six sections written up so they can be included in the final report.  I spent yesterday getting in a muddle trying to sort out numbers of how many people I'd contacted etc, but I've finally got my figures to add up!  Out of my sample of 70 students, I had a 34% response rate, which I'm really pleased with, seeing as I was in affect cold-calling students to ask them about their experiences of using human support provided under Disabled Students Allowance.

Today I'm starting to sort through the data that the Student Enabling Centre collected for me while I put the SAP on hold to catch up on my university work.  While it's not as detailed as the information I collected, it's great to have it available, as it increases my sample quite significantly.  Once this is added to the results of the online questionnaire that the SEC are doing at the moment, I should be able to write a final report that embodies the views and experiences of a large number of disabled students, which makes me really happy as our voices are often ones that are not heard. 

I've got one more week working on my SAP before it's back to the dreaded dissertation and assignments, and I'm hoping to get the data analysis on the interviews finished and written up, so that once I come back to my SAP once my work is handed in, I can concentrate on analysing the questionnaire results and getting the final report written


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