Hi, Guys! :)

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Hi, Guys! :)

Firstly, sorry about the delay in writing this blog! - It took me a while to figure out how to!

Anyways, this is now my 5th week working as a 'Student Voice'. To say the least, it has been a hectic few weeks! I'm really enjoying the work I'm undertaking. I first started off just doing some research on the NSS, and ways in which HE institutes are promoting it, along with other research. I have also helped to promote the various surveys that are open at the moment. This was great fun, although a little daunting at first! (I hope everyone reading this has completed the survey(s) that they are eligible for!!) At the moment, I am carrying out further research on areas such as survey promotion. I am also creating a questionnaire about people's views on the 'Buni' brand the university has used for two consecutive years.

Anyhow, that's all for now! Hope you enjoyed reading my concise summary of the past 5 weeks! I'll update you all again soon! :)

Nikita. :)


Margaret Mulholland
10:57am on 23 Apr 12 Glad you are enjoying it Nikita. It all sounds very interesting Margaret
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