STAMP OUT SPIKING - What is Spiking and how can it be prevented

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What is Spiking? 

Spiking is the act of giving someone a form of alcohol or drugs without their knowledge or consent.  

Spiking reports are handled seriously and seen as those of violent and physical attacks. These attacks can lead to an individual becoming vulnerable to the risks of harm and can cause severe distress. Spiking can take place in many forms including through drinks, needles, vapes or cigarettes, and food. Giving someone more alcohol or drugs than they were expecting or consenting to is also a form of spiking, this includes giving someone a double shot instead of a single. 

Alongside the Police, charities including ‘Stamp Out Spiking’ work to tackle the increasing incidents and reports of spiking. Stamp Out Spiking have created the ‘NEVER HAVE I EVER..’ campaign in order to raise awareness around spiking. 

How to tell if you have been Spiked? 

The symptoms of spiking can include the feelings of being drunk, but some symptoms can vary depending on how you may have been spiked.  

How should I go about reporting Spiking to the Police? 

Spiking can be reported to the Police no matter how long ago it happened. By reporting spiking incidents, it allows the Police to investigate and prevent others from being spiked. 

Additionally, it’s important to report attempted spiking, including where the attempt of spiking was disrupted. This can include,  

  • Your drink having an unusual smell, taste or colour  

  • You notice a tablet or powder in a drink 

  • Witness someone trying to spike a drink 

  • Experience someone trying to inject you with drugs but failed.  

For further information about how to report incidents of spiking visit:  

How can I keep myself safe from Spiking? 

There are a few ways you can keep yourself safe, including, 

  • Never leave your drink unattended 

  • Do not accept a drink from a stranger 

  • Utilized stop tops and cup covers when out, these are plastic stoppers which fit into the top of a glass bottle and sticker tops which fit around the tops of open cups. You can find these at most bars, pubs and clubs. They are also available at our Student Union venues. 

Spiking can occur anywhere to anyone, remember you are not to blame. People can be spiked by those they know and trust, don’t be afraid to report the spiking. 

For more information visit:  


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