Safer Nights

Keeping yourself safe on a night out!

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Operation Safer Nights launched by Staffordshire Police aims to keep towns and city centres safe from violence. Officers and partner agencies are working together to assist individuals and build awareness around personal safety. 

Staffordshire Commissioner’s Office secured £3 million towards funding for safer streets and safety of women at night campaigns. So far, this funding has improved open spaces and walkways with CCTV and additional lighting to enhance safety in the hours of darkness. Additionally, public awareness has been boosted through campaigns, and vulnerability training has been provided to night-time economy staff. 

Designated safe spaces are also being established in Hanley city centre on Gitana Street. These safe spaces allow anyone to seek advice and support with the aim of reducing violence in the night-time economy. This space further allows both Stoke-On-Trent policing team an St John Ambulance to be on hand for those who need help. 

With increased festivities over the period of December, it is important to keep yourself and others safe when out and about at night.  

Tips for keeping yourself safe whilst out at night 

  • Trying to stay in a group, look out for your friends 

  • Pre-arrange taxis for your return journey 

  • Drink in moderation and stay vigilant with your drinks including not leaving them unattended and not accepting drinks from strangers 

  • Try to stay in well-lit areas when out and about 

  • Keep valuables hidden and keep items like bags always supervised and on you. 

  • Make sure to flag any issues or suspicious behaviour to security or Police. 

  • Make yourself aware of Safe Spaces in the area if possible