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You said, we’ve done. Over the last few years we’ve heard from lots of you about how difficult it is to recycle your rubbish in Uni halls and that sounds like a real Pane in the Glass!

Thanks to the Uni Estates team however, you can now put you old beer bottles and jars into the recycling. Leaving you with a cleaner, greener conscience!

Generating over 1000 tonnes of waste each year the uni remains committed to it’s “zero-waste-to-landfill” policy and has worked with the union to help separate and recover more of the useful materials from our rubbish. Meanwhile the uni’s other waste goes to produce electricity for the city, helping keep the lights on!

All students in Uni Halls now have a collection bag for their glass, whether its beer and wine bottles from the party animals or sauce or jam jars from the foodies, they can now all go into the glass bins by Spode, Clarice and Minton halls.

And to celebrate, we’re giving you chance to win £20 cash. Just send us a photo of you and your glass recycling and you could win on of 3 prizes. Just use the #GoGreenWeek and send it to us on our Instagram, Facebook or twitter.  Come up with a PUN-tastic caption and we’ll throw in an additional reward too!  Don’t forget to tell us which halls you are in, and make sure you follow the Union so we can get in touch with the lucky winner.

VP Sam Pillow said “Its fantastic to see the ResLife supporting our students choices. Recycling is an everyday thing, students are surprised they can’t separate their waste in halls, This is an important first step in getting the whole Uni on board with the green agenda. We will be working with estates to make sure students can recycle even more by September 2018!”

But why is it so important to recycle? Find out more…

Closing date for submissions is Monday 12th March, there are 3 prizes of £20 cash to collect from the Union. Winners will be notified by return message on the chosen platform. We may want to celebrate your win, by entering you allow us to use your image.


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