Better Staffs

Do you have an idea to make something better at your University, your Union or the world?

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Better staffs 2022


What is BetterStaffs and how can you get involved? 


Do you have an idea to make something better at your University, your Union or the world? Maybe you've got something brand new you'd like to see implemented, or the solution to a challenge that students face. 

We have regualr BetterStaff Forums throughout the year for you to come along and discuss how we can help you and other students change and improve the Union or Universty. Students can comment and ask questions on your idea, and they can up or down vote on suggestions  to help us understand how many people like your idea and therefore prioritise what we do.

All ideas submitted will be reviewed by The Student Voice Team and Your Officer Team. Any ideas submitted that can't just be implemented straight away will be discussed at a Better Staffs Forum where a panel of randomly selected students decides the best way to move forward.

What's Your Big Idea?  Submit it here

Our next discussion is on the 17th of November, what are you waiting for? 

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