Black History Month

October is the month to celebrate Black History. Find out why our board room is named The September Room!

Black History Monthmain
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black history month

October is the celebration of Black History 

This BHM we are remembering Dulcie September, killed by apartheid agents in 1988, and all the women who dedicated their lives to the struggle to end apartheid.

In October 2011, Staffordshire University Students' Union honoured Dulcie September by renaming their boardroom the 'September Room'. Colleges would not accept her in the UK due to her political background; however, our Vice-Chancellor at the time, Keith Thompson, granted her a place to study with Staffs. Check out more info


Student influences 

Edward A Bammeke leads the recently re-branded Race and Cultural Inclusion network at Staffs.

He has been working with students and ensuring they feel included regardless of their ethnicity. 

Edward Bammeke

Eddie discusses the reasoning behind the networks name change: 

I decided to drop the term BAME from the student voice network and progress to the Race and Cultural Inclusion network because I wanted to distance everything we do from 'Minority'. It is an old way of describing my community and others. I have never used the term BAME, and if you wanted me to express my ethnicity, I am Black British, and my heritage is Nigerian. 

I see us all as one significant majority because it is all our world in the grand scheme of things. So the first step of decolonising education worldwide is to push the agenda of us all being on one equal playing field in every aspect of life; this means losing the term minority for everyone. The term BAME also excludes other cultures in the U.K., like Roma Gypsy and Irish traveller. I want this network to be able to include everyone.

The Race and cultural inclusion Network is about all of us fitting into this university and feel supported and represented. When people leave after graduation, I hope that this network under my direction will cement a sense of being in everyone who needs help and support from us during their time here at Stafford University. 

I will be working alongside students from all cultural backgrounds to showcase diversity at our university, and I look forward to enjoying Black History Month with you all. 

Feel free to stop and chat with me at any time. I will always find time for any questions about the network. I am always looking for discussions with people from different cultures 24/7 to help my understanding and help you on your educational journey. 

Eddie Bammeke 


Race and Cultural Inclusion Network 


Elected Officer spotlight, Anesu Choto 

Two term elected officer 2021-23, the one and only; Choto.

"Black history month is a chance for us recognise and celebrate black heritage of various cultures, by promoting and understanding the diversity within our community. It is also recognises and celebrates achievements from the black community whilst at the same time tackling and opposing the racism that still exists to this very day." 

As Martin Luther King once said, "The time is always right to do what is right". Therefore, old and new leadership of the University and Students' Union have united to stand together and state that racism and discrimination will not be tolerated in any shape or form here in our community."

Black History Month Pledge 





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