Cheerleading Competition Season

Well done to our Cheerleaders!

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cheerleaders comp April

Staffordshire Scarlettes Competition Team participated in two competitions throughout March and have walked away with two outstanding trophies!



"Ten out of fifteen members of the Competition Team had never participated in a Cheerleading Competition before, so we were all excited for a brand-new experience! Saturday 19th March was the Scarlette's first competition since coronavirus had hit. They performed on the competition mat at Legacy Cheer and Dance National Competition at the NEC Arena in Birmingham. The University National Competition involves cheerleading teams from Universities all over the United Kingdom. In addition to this, this competition was the most significant competition that Legacy Cheer and Dance have ever done! The Competition Team got to watch numerous routines from the Allstar teams and got the opportunity to watch two Level 6 routines in which everyone loved and buy merchandise to remember the experience! After performing their routine, the Scarlette's walked away with a 4th place trophy at Nationals! We were so incredibly proud of ourselves, and we couldn't wait to compete at our next competition the following weekend at ICE Extravaganza.

A week had flown by since Nationals, and it was time to perform the routine again at Fenton Manor Sports Complex for ICE Extravaganza. Once we had arrived at the competition, we got to watch more routines that were all absolutely amazing and then it was time to warm up and get a squad photo. Once we had practiced the routine, it was time to go out and perform on the competition mat in front of the judges! After performing, the team always gets the chance to re-watch the routine, and it looked incredible, and we couldn't be prouder for another clean performance. It was then time for the awards ceremony, and after a long wait, we were awarded 1st place in our category! The team were so incredibly ecstatic and proud for all of their hard work paying off.

Firstly, the team would like to thank Annie Thompson for her hard work and dedication in putting together a beautiful, incredible routine for the Competition Team. Annie has been such an inspiration to every single person within the team and has been the best Head Coach throughout the entire year; we all love you so much Annie!
Secondly, the Competition Team would like to thank members of the Performance Team and other members of the Staffordshire Scarlettes for coming to the competitions with us and watching our Friday evening sessions to cheer us all on. We appreciated your support so much, and we all loved having you there alongside us!

Thirdly, we would all like to thank our friends and family for coming to watch our performances and supporting us during the Competition season. We all appreciated your support, and we are all thankful for travelling to the competitions to come and watch us all perform".


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