Your Officer Team calls for Local MP to Take Action

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Choto has reached out to MP Jo Gideon this week to appeal for the cost of living crisis and its impact on students to be discussed in parliament.


Read his full letter here:


Dear Jo Gideon MP,
Hello, I am Choto one of the Vice Presidents at Staffordshire University Student's Union.
As our elected MP, I am asking you to help us change that.  
Spiralling costs have spared no one. Students have been uniquely adversely affected. NUS (National Union of Students) conducted a survey where over 3500 students and apprentices shared their stories, and the results may not be unprecedented but are indeed heart-breaking.  
96% of students are being forced to cut back. With rents, food, energy bills, and transport costs at an all-time high, mental health appears to be at an all-time low: 90% of students reported the detrimental impact this crisis has had.

To address this crisis, we need MPs to take a stand and raise the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on students in parliament through questions or while debating interventions from the government.
We are asking that the government:  
• Tie student maintenance support with inflation?
• Reform Universal Credit to include fair access for students?
• Cap student rent to prevent a student homelessness crisis?
• Provide funding to education providers to deliver improved hardship funds?
• Adjust maintenance loan thresholds to reflect changes to family income?

Are you ready to fight for those who chose you? I look forward to hearing your response and seeing you take action in Parliament.

If you would like to petition Jo, reach out to her here: Contact | Jo Gideon



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