Student Group & Department Rep Election Results 2020

Student group Election Results

Alternative Society - Communications Officer Alex Cooper
Alternative Society - Finance Officer William Hassan
Alternative Society - Society Manager Jay Thomas
Amateur Dramatics Society - Communications Officer Amy Brissenden
Amateur Dramatics Society - Finance Officer Jonathan Payne
Amateur Dramatics Society - Society Manager Shea Dooley
Biology Society - Society Manager Bellowalker Ayemere John
Christian Union - Communications Officer Victoria Gayathri Balasubramanian
Christian Union - Finance Officer Lewis Powell
Christian Union - Society Manager Serim Oh
Cosplay & Convention Society - Finance Officer Amrita Kaur Sohal
Creative Writing Society - Communications Officer Sufia Imran
Creative Writing Society - Finance Officer Scott Gay
Creative Writing Society - Society Manager Brandon Cornah
Debating Society - Society Manager Daniel Cripps
Design Society - Society Manager Zachary Lewis
Digital Art Society - Communications Officer Thomas Hicks
Digital Art Society - Finance Officer Gurpreet Laurd
Digital Art Society - Society Manager Adam Hyder
DOTA 2 Society - Finance Officer Charles Morris
Engineering Society - Finance Officer Matthew Beirne
Engineering Society - Society Manager Adam Bentley
FACS (Forensic & Crime Science Society) - Communications Officer Natasha Nayebjafar
Fight Club - Communications Officer Jordan Addams
Fight Club - Finance Officer Clayton Blackmore
Fight Club - Society Manager John Quilente
Game Development Society - Communications Officer Albert Zipser
Game Development Society - Finance Officer Ben Mcdonald
Game Development Society - Society Manager Alfie Summers
Guild of Assassins - Communications Officer Amy Atherton
Guild of Assassins - Finance Officer Brad Gizzi
Guild of Assassins - Society Manager Jay Malone
Hip Hop - Communications Officer Saxon Costello
Humanities Society - Communications Officer Ellie Johnson
Humanities Society - Society Manager Donna Murphy
Idol Society - Communications Officer Joy (Syeda Islam)
Idol Society - Finance Officer Sam Thrussell
Islamic Soc - Communications Officer Sufia Imran
Islamic Soc - Finance Officer Hamza Ali
Islamic Soc - Society Manager Asli Farah
Korean Culture Society - Communications Officer Ashlea Tyler
Korean Culture Society - Finance Officer Annamae Henriette
Law Society - Society Manager Aaron Raper-Smith
MARVEL & DC Society - Finance Officer Eanna Walker
MARVEL & DC Society - Society Manager Clara De Rambures
Myth Society - Communications Officer Rika Paderes
Myth Society - Finance Officer Daniel Lorimer
Myth Society - Society Manager Xander Blackburn
Pagan Society - Finance Officer Casey Jackson-Eld
Pokemon Society - Communications Officer Nadine Green
Pokemon Society - Finance Officer Jamie Ho
Pokemon Society - Society Manager Emily Hodgson
Poker Society - Communications Officer James Kinch
Poker Society - Finance Officer Michael Dilks
Poker Society - Society Manager Addison Walker
Project Earth Society - Society Manager Alexandra Lloyd
RAMS (Rock, Alternative & Metal) Society - Communications Officer Alyisha Vaughan
RAMS (Rock, Alternative & Metal) Society - Finance Officer Euan Keeler
RAMS (Rock, Alternative & Metal) Society - Society Manager Shannon Kenny
Staffordshire Re-enactment Society - Communications Officer Ted Thompson
Staffordshire Re-enactment Society - Society Manager David Ball
Staffs Smash - Communications Officer Lorcan Engledow
Staffs Smash - Finance Officer Benjamin Wilson
Staffs Smash - Society Manager Phillip Chamberlain
Theme Park Society - Communications Officer Kylie O'Donnell
Theme Park Society - Society Manager Kyle Ashbee
Vegan & Vegetarian Society - Society Manager Frankie Francis
VGU (Video Games Union) - Communications Officer Danica Karim
VGU (Video Games Union) - ESports Officer Jamie Conquest
VGU (Video Games Union) - Finance Officer Shivam Parab
VGU (Video Games Union) - Recreational Officer Connie Lee
VGU (Video Games Union) - Society Manager Joseph Woodcock

Boxing Club - Club Manager Joshua Barnett
Boxing Club - Communications Officer Amy Halil
Boxing Club - Finance Officer Scott Tizzard
Cheerleading Club - Club Manager Rebecca Bates
Cheerleading Club - Communications Officer Trinity Stilwell & Amy Bridgland
Cheerleading Club - Finance Officer Hannah Blackburn
Dance Club - Club Manager Charmaine Watkins
Dance Club - Communications Officer Claire Parker
Dance Club - Dance Captain Emily Pugh
Dance Club - Finance Officer Ananya Srivastava
Equestrian Club - Club Manager Lucy Wilson
Equestrian Club - Communications Officer Saskia Hargreaves
Equestrian Club - Finance Officer Lauren Casey
Mountaineering Club - Club Manager Thomas Hill
Mountaineering Club - Communications Officer Kieran Holland
Mountaineering Club - Finance Officer James Owen
Pole & Aerial Arts Club - Club Manager Abby Hughes
Pole & Aerial Arts Club - Communications Officer Chanelle Windsor
Pole & Aerial Arts Club - Finance Officer Megan Arrand
Snowsports Club - Club Manager Lauren Pyne
Snowsports Club - Communications Officer William Price
Snowsports Club - Finance Officer

Cieron Matthews


LGBT+ Network - Gender Identity Welfare Officer Quinn Rothwell
LGBT+ Network - Network Manager Len Stuart
Women's Network - Women's Network Finance Officer Amber Kirkland

DEPARTMENT REP - Engineering and Design Adam Bentley
DEPARTMENT REP - Humanities and the Arts Alex Cooper
DEPARTMENT REP - Film, Media & Journalism Alyisha Vaughan
DEPARTMENT REP - Games & Visual Effects Anthony Hadley
DEPARTMENT REP - Sport & Exercise Charlotte Whitaker
DEPARTMENT REP - Midwifery & Allied Health Professions Claire Milner
DEPARTMENT REP - Criminal Justice & Forensic Science Laura Bailey
DEPARTMENT REP - Nursing Will Peters