Committee and Department Rep Election Results

Find out which Student Leaders have been elected to represent your Departments and lead our Student Groups and Networks in The Leadership Race 2022!

Leadership Race 2022

In case you missed Friday's Results Show, presented by Staffs TV, you can view it here.

Commiserations to those of you who weren't elected this time, but thank you for stepping up to lead, and remember that you can always continue to engage with and shape Your Union.

Congratulations to our newly elected Student Group Committee members, Representative Network Leads and Department Reps for 2022-23!

- Hannah, Hayden, Choto, Len and the Students' Union team are looking forward to working with you all.

Post title Elected
African Caribbean Society - Finance Officer Jeremie Tshienda
African Caribbean Society - Society Manager Mavii
African Caribbean Society - Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer Evangeline Ogbuaku
Amateur Dramatics Society - Society Manager Rhiannon Pateman
Anime & Manga Society - Communications Officer Sam Mesher
Anime & Manga Society - Finance Officer Thomas Whitelegg
Anime & Manga Society - Society Manager Karol Letowski
Anime & Manga Society - Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer Nathan Brown
Boxing Club - Club Manager Riki Allen
Cheerleading Club - Club Manager Qira Liane Jewkes & Laura Potts
Cheerleading Club - Communications Officer Zoe Godfree
Cheerleading Club - Finance Officer Emma Baldacci & Elle Horler
Cheerleading Club - Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer Chloe Hunt & Zabi Thornton
Christian Union - Finance Officer Joel Rhodes
Christian Union - Society Manager Jake Sharples
Christian Union - Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer Ore-Oluwa Oderinde
Conservative Society - Society Manager Benji Rea
Cosplay & Convention - Finance Officer Benji Rea
Cue Sports - Club Manager Brad Price
Cue Sports - Communications Officer Antony Sutherland
Cue Sports - Finance Officer Josh Keeble
Cue Sports - Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer Yvette Thomson
Dance Club - Club Manager Phoebe Smith
Dance Club - Communications Officer Jennifer Rowley
Dance Club - Finance Officer Lucy Gould
Dance Club - Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer Issy Fry
Digital Art Society - Finance Officer Rebecca Schoenberg
Digital Art Society - Society Manager Roxanne Henderson-Payne
Digital Art Society - Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer Vicent Cabrera
Engineering Society - Finance Officer Chris Mead
Engineering Society - Society Manager Daniel Skorski
Equestrian Club - Club Manager Libby Watson
Equestrian Club - Communications Officer Eden Andow
Equestrian Club - Finance Officer Hannah Batho
Fight Club - Finance Officer Robert Steele
Fight Club - Society Manager Clayton Blackmore
Fight Club - Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer Ellie Boulton
First Aid Society - Communications Officer Rachel O'Connell
First Aid Society - Society Manager Luke Payne
Game Development Society - Communications Officer Rhi Thomas
Game Development Society - Finance Officer Trinity Smith
Game Development Society - Society Manager Sebastian Bilan
Game Development Society - Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer Jamie Cooper
Guild of Assassins - Communications Officer Jonathan Stock
Idol Society - Communications Officer Nataleigh Lightfoot
Idol Society - Finance Officer Kara Tang
Idol Society - Society Manager Khoi Nixon
Knit & Natter Society - Society Manager Kathryn Lindsey
League of Legends - Society Manager Matthew Jones
Rock Climbing - Club Manager James Owen
Rock Climbing - Communications Officer Kai Stevens
Rock Climbing - Finance Officer Daniel Sneddon
Myth Society - Communications Officer Quetz Davies
Myth Society - Finance Officer Luis Boyd
Myth Society - Society Manager Jay Narraway
Pokemon Society - Communications Officer Emily Coakley
Pokemon Society - Finance Officer Aaron Lee
Pokemon Society - Society Manager Connor Johnston
Pokemon Society - Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer Flynn Shuker
Rock, Alternative, Metal Society - Communications Officer Kai Hayward
Rock, Alternative, Metal Society - Finance Officer Brandon Millet
Rock, Alternative, Metal Society - Society Manager Ben Smith
Rock, Alternative, Metal Society - Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer Jae Ababio
Re-enactment Society - Communications Officer Connah Lucking
Re-enactment Society - Finance Officer Alfie Smith
Re-enactment Society - Society Manager David Weatherley
Staffs Smash - Communications Officer Jak Evans
Staffs Smash - Finance Officer Thash Gajendran
Staffs Smash - Society Manager Ben Wilson
Staffs Smash - Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer Ben "Been" Burton
Esports, NUEL & NSE Representative Charlotte Willmott
Theme Park Society - Communications Officer Luke Payne
Theme Park Society - Finance Officer Eleri Turner
Vegan & Vegetarian Society - Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer Ryan Edwards
VGU (Video Games Union) - Communications Officer Holly Cadman
VGU (Video Games Union) - Society Manager Brandon Haycock
VGU - London Olly Townend
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Communications Officer Patryk Thomas
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Finance Officer Adam Black
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Society Manager Billy Hassan
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer Snow Kisaragi
TSUC - Finance Officer Rachael Evans
TSUC - Society Manager Jennifer Sibley
TSUC - Communications Officer Ryo Fairchild
TSUC - Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer Scarlett Pegg
DEPARTMENT REP - Art and Design Theresa Owen
DEPARTMENT REP - Biology Daniel Mcilwaine
DEPARTMENT REP - Computing Luke Payne
DEPARTMENT REP - Society, Crime and Environment Lillith Tolley
DEPARTMENT REP - Institute of Education Rhiannon Buddin
DEPARTMENT REP - Games Design and Technology Jodiee Hart
DEPARTMENT REP - Business & Law Joanne Bennett
DEPARTMENT REP - Media and Performance Chloe Hunt
DEPARTMENT REP - Nursing Jemma Sinclair
DEPARTMENT REP - Sport & Exercise Aimee Woosnam
DEPARTMENT REP - Visual Entertainment and Esports Tarjei Torvik
Disabled Students' Network - Network Manager Lewis Joyce
West Midlands Police - Force Rep: PCDA Daniel Mccullen
International Network - Network Manager Anya Udensi
LGBT+ Network Manager Sidney Impey
LGBTQ+ Network - Communications Officer Lincoln Snow
LGBTQ+ Network - Gender Identity Welfare Officer Rhys Reynolds
London Site Rep Tarjei Torvik
Race and Cultural Inclusion Students' Network - Network Leader Eddie Bammeke

A huge thankyou and well done to all of our nominees!


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