Course Reps Leading the Change

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You’re all probably aware that every Course in Staffs Uni gets their own representative to meet with lecturers. But what do they actually do? Below are some examples of YOUR course reps leading the change...

Perfected Placements for Tourism and Events

Way back in Semester 1, there were a lot of students on the Tourism & Events Management course who ended up with some sticky problems when working on placement. Thanks for their Reps, all of these issues with dealt with by the fantastic Proud-to-be-Staffs-Nominee Carol Southall – together they worked to meet with the placement holders, to ensure the students’ were being treated as staff would be and were properly trained on their placement. This all came from just a simple conversation had between the Reps & the lecturer!

Shrewsbury’s New Uniforms!

When our lovely Nursing students were having their uniforms fitted, things went a bit awry! Incorrect sizing and with all their fittings placed in Welcome Week, students weren't too chuffed with the spaces used for fittings, either! One of the course reps immediately brought these issues to attention, which prompted better changing facilities for students – they were given more slots and separate classrooms for everyone to feel comfortable when getting their new uniform sorted.

Better Staffs? Better CDT!

This issue was raised for our own Better Staffs by a fab course rep in the School of Computing & Digital Technologies– and it was real simple: getting dual monitors to help students out in Mellor Building doing computing courses. Your wonderful Vice President Scott William Smith went right to the top of the School making this happen. All thanks to a lovely course rep getting the ball rolling!

Lecturing & Listening

In the School of Law, Policing and Forensics, students couldn’t get access to their slides until after lectures. The course rep realised that this really effected a lot of students – especially those with Learning Support Statements – and knew they would benefit from being able to read things ahead of the lecture. Now, all lecture slides are available a week in advance of class!

Victorian Victory

Meanwhile over in Creative Arts and Engineering, English Lit students had a compulsory trip, which they were asked to cover all the costs of. After the course rep reached out to student voice, we negotiated and the School then agreed to cover the costs. The system works (and the students got to enjoy some lovely Victorian literature!)

Psychology Problems SOLVED

Very recently, a psychology course rep flagged issues regarding an assessment changed at short notice. Immediately the course rep approached not only the lecturing staff, but the Student Voice Team in the SU too. With everyone notified, and thanks to the rep’s quick flagging of the issue and positive response from Psychology staff, the assessment was changed back to the original format.

These are just some examples of the impact our amazing Academic Reps can have.

Interested in being a rep? Let the student voice team know at and come along to our Voice Conference on the 24th of May!


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