Dunk the Junk - Campus clean up

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Does litter make you angry?  Do you think litter-louts are lousy?  Then join the campus clean up and DUNK THAT JUNK - We will reward you with a meal in Verve for your efforts.


We’ll spend the afternoon helping make our environment that bit cleaner, protecting wildlife, reducing pollution and tiding up.  As a thanks for your work we’ll treat you to a free meal in Verve afterwards.

Meeting outside Minton Halls at 1pm on 6th December 2017.   Make sure to wear something warm and sturdy footwear (no trainers). We have some boots you can borrow, we’ll give you gloves if needed too so don’t worry about it!


Some facts and figures.


  • Street cleaning cost local government £778m in 2015/16.

  • …30% of people perceive “litter and rubbish lying around” to be a problem in their area.

  • 81% of people are angry and frustrated by the amount of litter lying all over the country

  • Last year the RSPCA received over 5,000 phone calls about litter-related incidents affecting animals

(gov.uk. April, 2017.)


It’s not just land that is affected by litter too, 80% of marine plastic starts life as litter on land. With the river Trent running through campus it’s even more important that we keep our campus clean! (plastic-pollution.org)

A HUGE 62% of people DROP LITTER, although only 28% admit to it. (keepbritaintidy.org)


We want to show that where we live matters to us. Cleaner streets, parks, beaches and campuses provide the backbone for strong communities. And we want to show how we live matters too. By preserving scarce resources, wasting less and recycling more, we create a healthier society and a healthier campus too.


So what are you waiting for, It’s time to choose which side of the fence you are on. It’s time to join us and be part of the solution. Sign up, not only will you be doing something great for mother nature, you will be showing you care about our campus too. And there’s free food, had we mentioned that?







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