Eco Ember Refurb

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Last summer we invested in the ember lounge refurb. But did you also know apart from looking really swanky, it was also GREEN (after all its our favourite colour too!)

We changed all the lighting in the bar to LED, not an easy task with the hundreds of bulbs, but we have managed to make a saving of over 5Kw, more than enough energy to power a large home for an entire year! Not only are LED bulbs super-efficient they last a long time too. Not only do you save money on your energy bill, you save money on buying bulbs, some of them can last over a decade. No more climbing on chairs to change lights! What a bright idea.

You might’ve noticed our reupholstered furniture too. Everyone except freshers remember the brown ‘leather’ chairs and stools that we used to have. We even looked at getting new ones but throwing away perfectly good frames seemed wasteful, so the Union decided to get them reupholstered. We upcycled and refurbished over 85 stools, chairs and seats meaning we saved waste, and trees, both fantastic environmental wins!  

We also had all of our tables sanded and varnished, saving 46 tables worth of wood. Tree-mendous!

Vice President Sam Pillow has been at Staffs for four years now and says he’s spent a lot of that time in Ember. “Ember Lounge has always been the place to be! It’s where we all went after lectures and even before. It’s always the busiest place on campus and that’s why we needed to make it even better. I’m so impressed by the work that’s gone on, and we’ve received lots of positive feedback. It’s also an incredible achievement for our environmental commitment, and the venue saves lots of energy and saved all the old furniture. It looks great, and if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you still doing reading this, go and see it for yourself!”

If you have any feedback about the Union venues, we’re always keen to hear so get in touch with us


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