Ethical and Sustainable Purchasing from a Student Team Member perspective

Saving the environment and your pocket at the same time!

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Saving the environment and your pocket at the same time!

Here at Staffordshire University Students’ Union our logo is green, and we try to be too. That's why the Union works closely with NUS to ensure that from the items on the shelves, through to the sourcing of products, they’re doing their bit for the environment, as well as students, staff and the community.

The Students’ Union is part of the NUS purchasing consortium, which means that through combined purchasing power of multiple Students’ Unions, they can bring great products and prices straight to us via our Students’ Union shops, situated on both College Road (next to Squeezebox) and Leek Road (next to LRV).

NUS works hard to ensure that the suppliers meet strict ethical and environmental targets, and for those of you who want to delve deeper, the NUS Ethical Code of Conduct sets out the latest standards that suppliers need to meet.

This means that when you buy from the Students’ Union shops, you can be sure that the products (and the companies that make them) meet the standards you love and expect.

We are very proud to supply a wide range of ethical and environmentally friendly products including:

  • Reusable, eco-friendly travel cups and flasks,
    • Remember: You can get 20p off your drink at Squeezebox and Verve if you bring your own cup!
  • Reusable straws, both metal and bamboo,
  • Plastic free toothbrushes,
  • Compostable Bin Liners,
  • Sustainable Kitchen and Toilet Roll,
  • Plastic free and Perfume free sanitary products,
  • All-natural toothpaste, soap bars and shampoo bars,
  • Fairtrade chocolate,
  • And vegan friendly sweets.

We're especially proud of our 'Reduce, Reuse and Refill' area at our College Road Shop, where you can fill your containers with as much or as little as you need, instead of buying a big bag that may go to waste!

As students as well as Union Team Members, we know that saving money where you can is really important, and if we can help save the environment at the same time, that’s even better!

On average, we estimate that you can save between 60p to £3 on every purchase, when compared to the supermarket equivalent, all those little – and not so little – savings definitely add up!
Simply bring in a container (or use one of the donated ones), weigh it first, then fill it up, and only buy as much as you need, when you need it.
Refill products we sell include:

  • Porridge Oats,
  • Arborio Rice,
  • Banana Chips,
  • Bombay Mix,
  • Spiced Roast Chickpeas,
  • Gluten Free Fusilli,
  • Goji Berries,
  • Pitted Dates,
  • Laundry Liquid,
  • Fabric Conditioner,
  • Washing Up Liquid,
  • Vegan Shampoo,
  • Vegan Conditioner,
  • Liquid Handsoap,
  • Plus lots more!

Our personal favourites are Banana Chips and Porridge Oats (Ruth) and Pitted Dates and Goji Berries (Sonia), why not give them a try?

And if you’re just popping by our Leek Road Shop for those morning essentials, or after a long day of lectures, they also have pre-packaged refill products, saving you both time and money.

We also collect foil-based crisps packets to donate to charities that turn them into blankets for the homeless, which is a great way to recycle your old crisp packet from your Meal Deal, just look for the big Walkers box in the 'Reduce, Reuse and Refill' area.

If you have any ideas for more Sustainable and Eco-friendly products, we would love to hear them in-store! 


By Ruth Halsall and Sonia Ryszczuk.



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