Good Union News

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We've had a number of great pieces of news over the past few days, and we'd love to share this with you.

Firstly, proceeds collected from the cloakroom on LRV's Wear It Pink night and from students collected on the night are being donated to charity. Not only did we manage to raise money, but we raised awareness too!

As well as this, the Union have approved funding of £250 per cohort to support Health Students with their Graduation Balls.

Moreover, The Union's Food Hub Co-ordinator, Lisa-Marie Graham has secured additional funding from the NUS, and FoodHub will be amongst one of the first few initiatives supported by the National Union of Students.

And - which must be like bird song to many ears - Our Student Advice Centre is working with the NUS to improve the Student Finance England administation process. 

These are some great achievements by students and members of Union staff, and will hopefully improve student experience for years to come.


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