Green Impact Students' Union Awards

Proud to announce Staffordshire University Students Union was awarded an excellent!

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Green Impact

The Awards have been announced for Green Impact Students' Unions!

Don't know what the Green Impact Students Unions (GISU) are? GISU is a sustainability support package available to all Students' Unions designed to help us run effective green campaigns and in small or big ways, help save our planet! Over 30 Students' Unions participated in the programme this year pushing forward to help us all commit to true sustainability in the long run.

An impressive 60% of the participating SUs were awarded excellent, Including us! 

If you're interested in the STATS or what campaigns other SUs across the nation created have a look at them right here.

Thank you for helping us attain sustainability excellence this year, and we're counting on you to help us continue helping the planet! 

If you have any fresh ideas or ways we can improve our next campaigns don't hesitate to contact us. 

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