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Reduce, Reuse, Refill - a word that is commonly used within many industries. At Staffordshire University Students' Union, we have set up our reuse, reduce, recycle station known as 'Zero Waste'. Located in College Road next to Squeezebox, the shop also sells reusable Chilly Bottles and coffee cups! 

Do you have empty containers, bottles or jars you are throwing away? Why not save them and bring them to the Students Union shop where you can fill them with your favourite food.


  • REDUCE waste by only buying the food you need
  • REUSE your old containers, cup or anything you can fill
  • REFILL your at home containers and keep packaging low

Get PIZZA this?! 

?? You can’t recycle pizza boxes ??

Yes, that's right...Don't put greasy pizza boxes takeaway boxes, or other cardboard or paper covered in food into the recycling.

The grease can’t be removed, and it causes defects in new products made from recycled cardboard.


You shouldn’t crush cans 

It's oddly satisfying to crush cans before you throw them...BUT DON'T! Once a crushed can, always an unrecycled one.


How sustainble is fashion?


Wrapping gifts or parcels?

Before recycling your paper packaging, ensure plastic tape has been removed. Plastic tape is not recyclable and if left on wrapping paper the paper you are recycling may not get recycled.


Although the packets should not be put in your recycling bin at home, you can turn crisp packet into a blanket for the homeless! You can donate your empty crisp packets in our doantin box in the SU shops! 

Spray away! 

Aerosol cans can be recycled using your recycling bins or bags – so long as they are empty.

Sustainable New Year

sustainable year 2022Sustainable New year 2022Sustainable new year 2022sustainable year 2022Sustainable year 2022

Very Vegan!


veganuary veganuary 2022veganuary 2022veganuary

What is it?

Consume zero animal products and replace meat/dairy with alternatives and focus on consuming more earth grown produce

Benefits of health?

Supports overall health by reducing blood pressure up to 75% and in some cases weight management.


Benefits of the environment? 
Results in 50% less carbon emissions and greenhouse gas production than a meat eater and encourages more vegetable farming that keeps are green spaces green!








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