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How to use your Voice at Staffs

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The Students' Union is here to make sure your views and opinions are listened to and acted on during your time at Staffordshire University.

This could be anything from a problem on your course to an idea around a topic we should campaign for. Our goal is to make a #BetterStaffs for our students.


An example to get you started

Say that you were worried about making new friends when you arrived. You decide to tell us this.

By giving us feedback, we can reassure you that everyone is in the same boat and direct you to relevant information - such as our Get Involved hub - to make it all the more likely that you'll meet new people that are just like you.

Now, let's say a lot of new students tell us the same thing.

This collective feedback allows us to prioritise how much work we put into making sure students can easily make friends when they start University.


How can I have my say?

Luckily, you have four full-time Elected OfficersCourse Reps and a staff team dedicated to canvassing your views and representing them at the highest level of University meetings.

You can make sure your voice is heard by:

  • Giving feedback about your course to your Course Rep

  • Speaking to one of your Elected Officers about your overall University experience

  • Submitting an idea for a #BetterStaffs online (and upvoting/downvoting the ones you have an opinion on)

  • Voting in any of our elections - but especially our big annual one called 'The Leadership Race'




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