Two Faced Freshers, don't be scammed!

Don't get caught out!

be safemain
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spotting fake freshers events

Two-faced freshers, don't be scammed. 

Freshers events are popping up claiming to be the University or the Students' Union...they are NOT our events. They are most likely to be scams.

Remember, our official events are only sold through our Students' Union website on our WhatsOn page. If you see any events set up elsewhere using our name or the University's, this is not a legit event. This is most likely an event that will not happen and still take your money. So please be mindful that when you see events on Facebook or Whatsapp groups claiming to be the University or us. We only promote our events via the website and our official social media platforms.

ALWAYS READ T&Cs if you found an event externally, look at the event's location, and research the event and company running them. For example, if the event states in a nightclub, always look on the nightclub's website or contact them directly to ask if this is a legit event. Not all fake freshers events claim to be us; they could be 'set up' to look official, sometimes claiming to be bundles of club night events in the area - always check with the individual clubs. 

Remember, you will only see promotions of University or Students' Union events on our official social media and can only purchase tickets through our website or on the door on the night. 

Please check with us if you spot anything advertised as a SU or University event from external sources. BE CAREFUL; scammers are using our brand to promote activities; don't be fooled!

How to spot fake freshers events in GIF's

  • Many unofficial 'Freshers events' may use our name or the University's and open fake Facebook fresher accounts. 

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  • Always look for small print, are they stating they aren't partnered with the University? 

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  • You may first notice panic buzz words to hurry you into buying tickets; they may use stock images of random people in a club with no sign of a club name. RED FLAG!

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  • They may change location suddenly or not give a location at all 

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  • Does this event state they are 'official'? Any of our official events will always have our SU logo on with the correct times, dates and information about the event. Our events will always be on our website and match our social media posts. Never buy tickets for events that look like our events unless it's through our us. 

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  • To keep up to date with our official events, ensure you follow our Social Media and check our Website

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