How you can vote to #LeadtheChange

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I wanted to see students like me in leadership

How you can #LeadtheChange with your vote

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Your Students' Union is led by students from across the University, but how is your Elected Officer Team for the year decided?

By students voting online in our annual election called the Leadership Race.


In the weeks leading up to voting, there's an opportunity for all students to nominate themselves. This means you could put yourself forward to hold a position which directly changes students lives and if it's not for you, you can even recommend a friend.


How do I vote?

For those of you new to voting, you'll be pleased to know you can vote online from the comfort of your home. We'll email you to let you know that voting is open, you'll log into the Students' Union website using your existing student log-in details and cast your vote.


How will I know who to vote for?

Students who have nominated themselves will campaign for your votes by sharing their ideas for change and the experiences they've had that make them great for the role.

Each candidate will upload a manifesto you can read before you vote.


See how voting will look like for you on the Students' Union website:


What if I want to vote for more than one person?

You can vote for as many of the candidates you like, or none at all. 

At Staffs, we using something called 'Single Transferable Vote' (STV) which means if your favourite candidate doesn't win, their votes will go towards your second favourite - and so on. So ranking your choices really does make a difference here.


Watch this video to learn more about 'Single Transferable Vote' (STV):


When will I know if my candidate has won?

Once voting has closed, the results will be announced via the Students' Union website and social media.

The candidates with the most votes will become your Student Leaders for the rest of the academic year. 

That's why it's important to encourage other students to vote, so that it's more likely that the person you want to represent you gets that opportunity.


Have a question about voting? Get in touch at or have your say:


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