I'm a Masters student/student doing resits and I need the library!

Sound like you? We've got an update on library provisions right here to help you out.

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Update from the Library Team

For more information on library provisions over the summer, head to libguides.staffs.ac.uk/covid19 or email libraryhelpdesk@staffs.ac.uk.

The Library will be offering a 'Click & Collect Service' for students at all Staffordshire University study sites.


"We will be offering a new ‘Click and Collect’ service from Monday 17 August 2020. This service will be available to all staff and students across the University.

Through the ‘Click and Collect’ service you will be able to collect up to 17 books from Thompson (College Road – Stoke-On-Trent) and Blackheath Lane (Centre of Excellence Stafford) Libraries.

From September, books can also be collected at The Student Hub located in the Science Centre on Leek Road Campus in Stoke-on-Trent.."

Source via Facebook


What about if I'm a Masters student or a student resitting?

If students who have re-sits or need to access resources for their MA's and need help they can make an appointment with their subject Librarian who can help them to find what they require. Study Skills staff can also offer help with re-sits.


Find your subject librarian


Will I need to pay for parking if I'm coming to campus?

Nope! Parking on campus is free for students until September 1st.


Have something to say about the summer library provisions? Have your say by emailing studentvoice@staffs.ac.uk or:


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