Jessica Scougall, SU Staff

For always giving 100% effort, time and commitment to every role and responsibility.

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Proud to be Staffs Story: Jessica Scougall

Staff | Students' Union Staff


"When they were in their role as a duty venue manager, they did their job as they meant it. The effort they put in whether prepping the venue for an event or developing interpersonal connections with staff, they put effort in it all and all. Bringing in innovative ideas and plans for the venue to create better engagement and variety. Doing more than just the job description, tapping into areas that's not expected of them, such as creating additional assets and corresponding to sudden issues at a moments notice. Dealing with all the sudden tough and relentless issues that occur throughout the club night, dealing with all challenges related to managing a venue. They stood tall, even staying in the venue til 8am to ensure all processes and paperwork was done correctly before finishing the job and heading home for the well deserved rest. Her work with various student groups to encourage, empower and allow students to take ownership of the space in our venues, such as ACS for all of BHM and beyond, LGBTQ+ network, and various other clubs and societies. Now, she is accepting a new role with new responsibilities of looking after our Stafford campus, which houses the second most amount of students for Staffordshire university, learning new processes and procedures on the fly within her first week and actively planning events that are bespoke to the professions of those students and how the extracurricular union can support them in their academic journey. All these actions, time, effort and commitment to their role and what they put in to what gets out makes me #proudtobestaffs."


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