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A photograph of Joseph Knight (full-time officer) cupping his hands around his mouth and shouting, i

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A photograph of Joseph Knight (full-time officer) cupping his hands around his mouth and shouting, i05/02 - Last week I was quite busy. I helped to deal with Esports course issues, attended a research presentation on how universities can better take care of student carers and presented the Student Unions' report to the Academic Board. Not only that, but the ball is finally rolling regarding creating a Here East Student Union, due to the productive discussions I had with the Here East communities manager. I also engaged with the Top Deck Society and helped to run some events.

12/02 - Last week was quite busy! I attended a Regulations Group meeting where we were discussing some of the new Free Speech policies the OFS is bringing in, the Timetabling Group, where we are trying to address the lack of study space on campus, and the Partnerships Committee, where I discussed how the union operates within out partner universities/colleges! Not only that, but it was my Birthday on Friday, and everyone in the union helped make it one of the best ever!

19/02 - Last week was all about events! I helped out with the SUL Valentine's Party, which was a big success with students. Not only that, but I had some talks with Games Design London about hosting an event at SUL! Also, I continued reaching out to other universities and started to do the paperwork for the Here East Student Society!

26/02 - During last week, I was all over the place! Whether it be Feedback Forums or helping students individually with Cause for Concern complaints, I have been committed to ensuring your voices are heard. Also, I represented our university at the Best Bar None event at the House of Lords, which was a great opportunity to meet new people from all around the country! Finally, I've been putting posters up all around the London campus about a suite of events which are in the coming weeks, like an ethical hacking meetup happening at Four Quarters (right next to our campus!).

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