Learn to make Origami!

Origami Fortune Teller 

#GiveItAGo | studentengagement@staffs.ac.uk


We're going to make a fortune teller to learn how to do the basics of Origami! Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures...so what will you make next?

What You Need:

A4 Paper (this can be plain white paper, or coloured paper) 


Step One:

Make a square out of your paper by taking the top right hand corner of your paper and bringing it towards the lower left corner of your paper. Make sure all of the corners touch one another exactly. Once folded, this should create a triangle.  There will be a small rectangular section left at the bottom of the paper.

Step Two: 

Cut the rectangular section off using scissors. If you don't have scissors, don't worry. You can fold the rectangular section in line with the bottom of your triangle and make a sharp fold by pressing down with you nail. Do this multiple times so that the paper is easier to tear. 


Step Three:

Unfold the triangle to form a square. 


Step Four:

Fold the paper diagonally so you have two folds which cross one another on your square. 

Step Five:

Fold each of the corners of the paper to the centre point of your square.

Step Six:

Flip your square and fold in the corners again to the centre of the paper.


Step Seven:

Bring all your corners upwards to form the shape of your fortune teller.

Step Eight:

Decorate your fortune teller with colours, numbers and fortunes to test on your friends and family!

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