Len on Harm Reduction

This Student Drug & Alcohol Awareness week, we're sharing all the amazing work Full-Time Officer, Len, has done on harm reduction this year.


Student Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week

Student Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week is an annual opportunity for us to talk openly about the ways that drugs and alcohol can impact the lives of students, free from judgment or prejudice. This year, we're taking this opportunity to launch Len's Harm Reduction work officially!

What is 'Harm Reduction'?

Harm reduction is all about changing the way we see drug use. Instead of focusing on the legal and criminal aspects, we look at it as a public health issue. Our goal is to educate students who use drugs and provide health support to those dealing with addiction or using drugs to cope.

Why is this Important?

Talking about addiction without judgment is crucial. It helps people feel safe sharing their struggles, reduces stigma, and makes seeking help easier. Being non-judgmental shows empathy, supports recovery, and recognizes that addiction is a health issue, not a moral failing.

What Can We Do?

Over the next couple of days, we'll launch resources that share information about what drugs you may encounter in university and beyond, their effects and side effects, and how they interact. We hope these can be used to ensure that anyone using drugs and alcohol can be sure that they are at least doing so as safely as possible.