Len's Progress Updates

Want to explore some of Len's past progress updates? Here you'll find a short profile of what he's been up to!

A photograph of Len (full-time officer) with a shocked expression, gesturing at green text beside hi

Len's Updates

This regularly updated page will help you track what Len has been up to since beginning his presidency with the Students' Union. The most recent update is added to the top of the page, so scroll down for older updates...

A photograph of Len (full-time officer) with a shocked expression, gesturing at green text beside hi21/08 - The Leadership Academy is now fully underway; the Union have two Graduates working to make this project a reality for students. The Citizenship Module that the previous President, Hannah Blackburn, and I have been working on for months is now built and being prepared to be part of the onboarding process for new students! In addition to these things, my work on harm reduction is moving forward with the support of University colleagues, which is a great step forward in seeing students treated with compassion and dignity by the University in cases of substance abuse.

14/08 - I'm excited to say that we've been making some good progress towards putting a couple of my projects into place very soon - watch this space! I've also been meeting with various people to solidify plans for this year's Welcome period.

07/08 - The NUS Lead and Change Conference in London gave me a great opportunity to link up with other Officers and consider opportunities for growth and collaboration. I stuck around in London for an extra day to attend the Sustainable Finance Conference, where I represented Staffordshire University's approach to this very current and relevant issue.

First Update - It's the first few weeks of my second term! I'm already making fast progress in my manifesto and look forward to sharing the details with you very soon...