Len's first week in Office

First week in Office for Len as Vice President! Let's hear what he has to say!

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Len Stuart

"Since starting my role as Vice President,  I have undertaken a lot of internal and external training. Externally we as an officer team have networked and created connections with several colleagues at different universities, including York and Winchester, which has provided helpful insight into their best practices and procedures. 

Internally I have been learning! Getting to grips with the union's strategy and learning how to interact with boards and committees at the university so I can get the tasks done is exciting...

The union-together day was Anth Wallace's last day and my first official day in the role of VP. In addition to this, I attended the NUS tradeshow, which was great; it allowed me to gain an insight into loads of products that could potentially be coming to campus this year (the peanut butter whisky is one to look for, think Fireball but peanut butter). 

That is a brief sum-up of what I have been doing since starting my role, and I look forward to welcoming you all back in September!!" Len 


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